Rhomboids Sports & Remedial Massage

Feeling the ache of long days at your computer or on your feet? Being held back by a niggle or Recovering from a sporting injury? Keen to prevent future injuries and perform to the best of your ability? Or looking to support your body while training for your latest challenge?

Sports and remedial massage can help to:

  • relieve muscle tension
  • reduce aches and pains 
  • rehabilitate minor injuries and persistent niggles
  • support your training in the build-up to an event
  • speed up recovery after your exertion 
  • prevent injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • improve posture

Rhomboids Sports and Remedial Massage is located inside Clinic 33 on Salisbury Road, Hove and is run by sports massage therapist and exercise enthusiast, Helen Trehane.

More information can be found on the about sports massage page or by contacting Helen.