Just wanted to share my happy moment when I was stretching at the box today I sat down on the floor for a hamstring stretch and for the first time since my injury I actually managed to properly grab my left foot, before I couldn’t even reach it with my fingertips. Woohoo!  And my ankles don’t feel tight and my back feels nice too.  I’m sure you have got magic fingers because since you touch my ribs, my pain disappeared haha got lot love a bit of magic, thank you x

Lina Duseviciene, Olympic Lifter, Cross-Fitter and Nail Technician at Spoiled Nails By Lina September 2013

Helen is not only very skilled as a sports massage therapist but she also understands how to diminish the onset of any injuries by working into the muscle.  I saw Helen every week for 15 weeks of pre competition figure preparation. By Relieving tension & pain in my hip flexors, quads, spine and upper back during my pre comp training Helen was giving me the ability to continue this challenging training regime.

I found Helen professional, keeping detailed records of my injuries, sights of muscle pain as well as recording the treatment that she administered. Helen was always on time for our appointments & did her best to make me feel relaxed and comfortable during the sessions.

Helen was able to treat my upper back at late notice one morning when the muscle went into spasm.

Rhomboids prices are very reasonable and Helen’s knowledge of her profession makes her an essential part of any competing sports persons’ regime.

I would recommend Helen to anyone who exercises frequently & wants to keep their body in the best condition possible.

Thanks Helen for everything.

Livia Francis, Natural Body Builder, Pole dancer, personal trainer and founder of Fitfreedom, July 2013

“Helens’ sport massage has helped me to deal with an injury and enabled me to continue my exercise programme throughout.  The treatment has proven very effective and an efficient means of progressing recovery”. LH, Club runner.  March 2013

I’ve been having occasional massage treatment with Helen for a couple of years now for a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder. Massage really helps loosen up the muscles and manage the pain in this long term injury. I did go to physio initially but I find that a full session of massage is much more useful to manage my problem (caused by sitting at a computer too much!). As well as immediate pain relief Helen’s practical suggestions of exercises and movements to do at home has been a big help. I would thoroughly recommend Helen to anyone who was thinking about sports massage either for a niggling muscle injury or to aid sports recovery, it is surprising how much difference it makes! In fact I really look forward to my sessions and only wish I had more time to fit some more in Emily Rae, Runner, windsurfer and director of Plants4Presents. March 2013

I’ve been having regular sports massage treatments with Helen for almost two years now. Often they are more work ‘injuries’ than sports ones, the effects of long hours at my computer. Since working with her though I no longer get the shoulder spasms that used to make me so miserable and I feel able to move far more freely in everything I do. Helen is a thoughtful therapist who explains what she’s doing and works within your pain thresholds. I do not hesitate to recommend her if I think someone could benefit from her skills.”Helen Keevy, copywriter at Core Copywriting, swimmer and jogger. January 2013

“Helen rescued me in my hour of need when I sustained a neck injury and required fast treatment. She was excellent in her approach to assessing the situation and expert in her knowledge of exactly what needed to be done. I was right as rain in no time and would recommend her to anyone.” AT, Image Consultant and Zumba enthusiast. January 2013

“Helen was recommended to me by a friend and I would definitely pass this recommendation on to anyone.  Helen is extremely knowledgeable and spent time each week to ask about any specific problems I was having and progress I had made.  She helped to keep me moving and injury free throughout my marathon training – Thank you, I will definitely be back next year!”  Jemma Eason Brighton Marathon runner April 2012

“A highly intelligent and talented therapist. She is both professional and caring, I would highly recommend having a treatment from Helen, you could not be in better hands!”  Susan Findlay, Director, NLSSM “The School of Sports Massage”. March 28, 2012

“I developed a ‘frozen shoulder’ about 5 months ago which severely limited the range of movement in my right shoulder, I was unable to swim and unable to play tennis – both of which I love to do.  A Trainer at the gym knew of Helen’s skills in sports massage therapy and suggested I make an appointment to see her.  I have had a weekly treatment from Helen for the last 8 weeks or so.  Following each treatment my range of movement has increased – quite significantly in recent weeks – and yesterday I was able to go back to the swimming pool and swim several lengths of ‘front crawl’.   A fast and vast improvement over the usual time taken for ‘frozen shoulder’ to disappear – several friends and other people tell me.  I have virtually a full range of movement in my arm and shoulder now.

At each appointment Helen has observed and documented the extent of my shoulder movement, noting the few inches of improvement each week (and thereby encouraging me to continue with the shoulder exercises at home, between appointments).  She compares the difference in muscle movement between each of my shoulders and her detailed knowledge of the muscular makeup of the body means she can target very specific muscles and work deeply to help to release them.

I will continue to visit Helen for some maintenance on my shoulder (and probably the rest of my body) from time to time and based on my personal experience I highly recommend Helen for her professional skills and knowledge as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist“.   Gill Kydd, swimmer and tennis player – January 2012

Whilst training for the marathon I would have a weekly treatment with Helen.  I found that having this regularly not only helped my recovery but enabled me to stay injury free through the last few weeks of training, when I had picked up injuries in previous years.  It was also a great mental aid as it gave me something to look forward to whilst doing my long runs on bleak cold Sunday mornings!  I couldn’t recommend having regular sessions enough, whether training for a marathon or just running a 5k.  You will notice the difference and feel stronger and more balanced before race day!  Thanks Helen, couldn’t have done it without you!  Ami Ruff – 2011 Brighton Marathon runner.

I’ve had the pleasure of being a case study for Helen over the past few weeks. I went to Helen with some very specific areas that I was keen to address and feel that the outcome of each session, as well as overall, has really made a difference in those areas. Helen is very detailed in every aspect that she looks at and for me understanding what she was doing was important. I had many questions and Helen answered them all in a way that was clear and easy to understand. Helen took great care to ensure that I was always comfortable, not only in terms of being warm enough, etc, but also that I was comfortable with what she was doing.

As a direct outcome of my sessions with Helen, I have taken steps to start running again. I felt motivated by her to do my home exercises and this made all the difference. I’m very much a results driven person and results I got!
I wish Helen all the best and am very pleased to now be on her client list.  Cynthia Ellis – Case Study Spring 2011


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